Metro Chaplaincy Program


  • Established in 2002 by MAIC
  • Provides a chapel and classroom for Metro Jail inmates
  • Receives volunteer and financial support from 42 area congregations 
  • Provides pre-release services through Goodwill Easterseals, Celebrate Recovery and Fatherhood Initiative

Religious Services


  • Religious services are provided weekly for various faith traditions
  • 2018 Report:  

  1. 14,334 males and 3692 females attended religious services 
  2. 23 baptisms performed

Pre-Release Services


  • GED classes and testing provided through volunteers and Goodwill Easterseals staff
  • Volunteers coordinate Celebrate Recovery and Fatherhood Initiative meetings
  • 2018 Report:  

  1. 238 males and 199 females attended Fatherhood Initiative
  2. 234 males and 261 females attended Celebrate Recovery
  3. 158 males and 128 females enrolled in GED classes
  4. 22 graduated the GED program                        
  5. 214 graduates since the GED program began in 2011

Visit the Chaplaincy Office Facebook Page

Visit our Facebook Page to learn more about the program and see what is happening in the Chapel at Metro Jail.

The Neighbor Center


  • Established in 2016 by MAIC
  • Offers community-based reentry services for our returning neighbors
  • Available to former inmates from local, state, and federal correctional centers
  • Provides case management services through individualized goal setting
  • Focus on financial stability, self-sufficiency and preventing re-incarceration

Post-Release Services


  • Offers referrals to other area agencies for health care, employment, education, legal assistance and other services.
  • Assistance with transportation and identification available.
  • 2018 Report:

  1. 203 neighbors served
  2. 233 services provided *count duplicated due to multiple services needed*



  • Available to individuals or families who are literally homeless or at-risk of homelessness.
  • Provides assistance with housing search and short-term financial assistance necessary for securing housing.
  • 2018 Report:

  1. 53 neighbors housed
  2. 7 out of 53 re-incarcerated (13.2%)

Visit The Neighbor Center Website

Visit The Neighbor Center Website to see what is happening at The Neighbor Center.